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website traffic for your blog

What is website traffic?
This is the number of people who come and visit your website, which is essential for the success of monetizing your blog.To monetize your blog (make money blogging), you need to have traffic interested with your subject, so that your chances of your ads getting click is greater. Simple the more people who comes to your site the more people to see the ads and increase the probability of your ads being click. the goal is to get more clicks.

Obviously, there are a lot of other ways to increase website traffic.but here are some ways I tried and I will let you know how it worked for me.
  • creating a blog at friendster and yahoo 360 hoping that google will crawl their site and discover me. It is also a great way to inform my social network about the blogs I'm posting.
  • I posted some pictures at HGTV.Com and wrote my web address for anyone interested to see more pictures of houses. My pics was viewed 100 times in 1 day @ rate my space and I've receive comments from that site few minutes after I posted some pictures, and more comments coming few days after posting. So I will keep posting pictures there at least once a week to be always on top or recently uploaded pictures. It only takes 2 days to be kicked off on the top 10 pages of recently uploaded pictures on that site. So many pictures are being uploaded everyday although I can see there is heavy traffic on that site.
  • Well the obvious way to be discover by google is submitting your website to search engines like msn, yahoo, google, and I used yahoo organic where I've seen some traffic coming from that site already.
  • Provide your Sitemap to google here: www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

It can take time to get more traffic coming to your site. Be persistent though and it will pay off. You will see return on your efforts. Google has lots of blogs that are indexed, Google loves blog!Be consistent with your blogging and stick to it. Everyday is recommended. Find something you love to write about, writing articles can bring many benefits that is sure to benefit you. You can learn, you can express your self, its fun and this time ha

thanks for    income whiflehttp://moneybyraldjq.blogspot.com/2009/01/traffic-for-your-blog.htmlhaving fun.

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