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Make Money with Google Adsense

What is AdSense?

Google.com earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. All this is managed through a program they call AdWords.
Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by displaying these same text ads on your site.  In other words, you're helping Google advertise and they pay you a percentage of what they earn.
This program is called AdSense.
Every website owner should at least consider the program.  Even if your site is just for information purposes, you can still participate and make decent money with AdSense -- or at least enough to fund your website.
So if you are one of those people that doesn't like the idea of paying for a site, this is an excellent way to earn your money back and then some.

How Much Can You Earn With AdSense?

Google does not disclose exactly how much you'll earn per ad that is clicked.
The commission you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are paying Google for the particular ad. You will earn a share of that amount.  I've heard of earnings anywhere from 2 cents to $15 per click.
So it is logical to believe that keyword phrases like debt free, employment, make money, mp3, sex, etc. will earn you more per click since these are highly competitive keywords that are searched for quite a bit on the web. 
Advertisers generally pay more for popular terms because they are searched for more.
Even though Google will not reveal how much you are earning for each ad that is clicked from your site, you can still login to your account at any time and see the total amount of revenue you've generated that day, week, month, year, etc.
For example, if you see that you've made $12.60 today from 9 clicks then you can calculate that your average click-thru commission was $1.40 per click.  That's as detailed as their stats will get.  Also remember, that's only an average.  You won't know how much each specific ad brought in.
The amount you'll earn also depends largely on the amount of targeted traffic you receive to your own site, how well the ads match your audience's interests, the placement of the ads on your pages, and of course the amount you receive per click.
Ideally, you should create a site on a topic you know a lot about.  That way you'll have a much easier time creating a generous amount of content on that subject

How much can I earn with Adsense?

How to position Google Adsense Ads

Google Adsense Tutorial

How to Find Adsense Niche Topics

Good Adsense niche topics are like goldmines They are often poorly covered areas of interest that has little to no competition from other publishers
Good Adsense niche topics are like goldmines. They are often poorly covered areas of interest that has little to no competition from other publishers. They often have good levels of demand (interested visitors) and a good number of high paying related ads. Basically a good Adsense niche is one that has:
High Cost Per Click
High Traffic
Low Competition
Of course no niche topic is ideal, only rarely, do all the above factors coincide to create an Adsense niche topic. There are other more realistic combinations of factors that can make good Adsense niches for example:
Low Cost Per Click
High Traffic
Low Competition

Basically, the common factor in all possible combinations is low competition. This ensures that you control a large portion of the traffic affiliated with the topic in question.
There are a number of different ways to discover Adsense niche topics. Some people prefer to tackle it from the profit angle, focusing on finding Adsense niche topics within high paying Adsense keywords. But this technique is fraught with difficulties, not least the problem of trying to create an Adsense website on a topic you?re probably not familiar with.
A good Adsense niche topic has to be of interest to you. How can it be a ?good? topic if you can?t turn it into a success? The best way to find a good Adsense topic is to discover one, so at least you know it?s one that is ?good? for you.
To make success of an Adsense website you have to be passionate about the subject matter. So the first step towards finding one that is ideal for you, is to brainstorm and write down all the topics that interest you. In this step don?t hold back, you have to try and put down everything, no matter how silly. Write down the things that you do everyday that interests you, that could also interest someone else. Things that you like reading about, hobbies, things you do at home and possibly things you do at work. Try and write down a list of least twenty different topics.
From this list review each topic and ask yourself a number of important questions:
1. How passionate am I about this topic?
2. Would other people be interested in this topic?
3. Would this topic work well as a website or a blog?
4. Has this topic got longevity?
5. What would I need to make this topic interesting to a prospective visitor to my site and can I deliver what is required?
6. But most importantly, what topic do I have the most understanding of and the greatest interest in?
Passion, understanding and interest in the topic helps make the work flow easier for you. Building the website becomes less of a burden if you have a deep interest in the subject matter.
From the list try and whittle down your options to only 5 topics. This list is now probably comprised mostly of general website themes which are not yet specific Adsense topics. To convert these themes into possible Adsense niche topics, you need to do some basic keyword research. For this you are going to need a keyword discovery tool. One of the best is the one provided by Google in its Adwords section. It is free to use but requires constant entry of CAPTCHA text to use if you haven?t signed up for Google Adwords.
When through to the tool enter your topic into the entry field and click on ?get keyword ideas.? A list of related terms is then generated which could be possible Adsense niches. But some could be fined tuned further. Put any remaining terms that seems too broad back through the keyword tool for more related suggestions. Try and put together a list of ten, two or three word niche topics created from your original five keywords. This process can be quite exhaustive (but imagine the trials and tribulations required to find a goldmine) but it is necessary.
Now you have a number of possible Adsense niche topics. But they still need to be investigated further. You need facts and figures to make these possible Adsense goldmines more real. Further research into the competition (supply) and demand for the topics is necessary.
But this essential first stage has enabled you to find possible Adsense niches that could be Adsense goldmines for YOU. To make a success of Adsense you need to plan first before you can move forward. And finding the perfect niche for you is one of the many first steps you need to make before putting together your first Adsense website.
Victor Awo is a student studying Information Technology. He has been looking into the technological and social changes taking place on the internet for the last ten years. His main focus is isolating patterns and trends in the hope of predicting the future shape of the global information highway. For all things Adsense go to the Best Adsense Guide

How Does AdSense™ Work?

How Does AdSense™ Work?

Google™’s huge advertising system has two sides: on one hand there is AdWords™ — advertiser’s playground — andAdSense™ — publisher’s domain.
  • Advertisers pay on a PPC or CPM basis (or both if they choose both forms) for Google to display their ads.
  • Google places these ads on its keyword search result pages (relevant text-based results marked as “Sponsored links”) and on external sites that host Google ads (the ads appearing under “Ads by Google”).
Google Adwords™ and Google Adsense™ connect advertisers with web surfers and you as a site owner
  1. The website owner signs in to the program.
  2. Ads are placed on the website according to:
    • AdSense™’s contextual selection and filtering criteria
    • the publisher’s options (the publisher gets to filter ads)
    • the advertiser’s option, in the case of impressions-based advertising (the advertiser can choose from a number of available sites)
  3. The publisher receives an undisclosed share of the revenue from the ads.
AdSense™ is based on the PPC and CPM advertising payment models.
AdSense PPC advertisments are text ads that appear on your website according to its contextual selection and filtering criteria. When a site visitor clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged a small amount, of which Google keeps some and pays some to the website owner.
AdSense CPM ads are text or image ads and are site-targeted. The advertiser pays each time his ad is displayed on a page (every time Google ad code is executed by a user’s browser). The same, each time an impression is registered, a share of the money goes to the publisher. In this case the advertiser gets to choose the sites on which his ads will show.
Here’s how things are going on in the backstage: Google™ centralizes the ads through AdWords™ and uses a contextual targeting algorithm for their placement, that is, sorts them out so as to place them on sites with specific appropriate content.
The strategy lies in the reasoning according to which surfers that visit a page might be interested in finding additional info or products on that particular topic. And it works if your website is good enough for the purpose. Your gain means having an attractive website and keeping visitors interested so they feel the need to go further and find out more by clicking on the ads.