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The Key To Playing Better Golf

The Key To Playing Better Golf

As a golf instructor, my main goal is to improve a client's golf swing, which over time, will make that client a much better player. Because of the emphasis on golf swing mechanics and golf swing improvement, one may easily get the impression that this is what one should concentrate on while playing.
You, as a golfer, need to know that golf swing thoughts, or golf swing mechanics, should primarily be used for the purpose of learning a new motion (developing motor memory), or refining a motion that needs improving. This training should only take place on the range or when swinging around the house or office—definitely not while playing golf!
When you arrive at the range on a playing day, and throughout the day, your only thought should be of where you are going to hit your ball—your target. On the course, pick a spot from which you would like to hit your next shot (another advantage of playing target golf is it forces you to think ahead) and try your best to hit it there.
This sounds easier than it is. Very few people are able to keep their target in mind as they swing. Most who try, pick their target before address but when they get over the ball they start thinking of swing mechanics again.
If you are going to give target golf a try, work on it for at least a few months, preferably a little on the practice tee at first, before judging its value. For at least the first month, I guarantee that you will have a mighty struggle—this is a different way to play golf. It will take time to become acclimated. As you get used to playing and practicing target golf, you will get a glimpse of a new game—a game in which golf is more in the mental realm, not physical. This is the game great players play!


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